The General People's Congress (Mu'tammar al-sha'ab al'âmm) (Arabic: مؤتمر الشعب العام الليبي) consists out of circa 2700 representatives of the Basis People's Congresses.
The GPC is the legislative forum that interacts with the General People's Committee, whose members are secretaries of Libyan ministries. It is composed of the secretariats of some 600 local "basic popular Congresses."
The GPC secretariat and the cabinet secretaries are appointed by the GPC secretary general and confirmed by the annual GPC congress.

"Election" in Libya (Sunday, 7th July 2012)
Fake election where held in Libya, to give the war campaign a legal face...

Renewed violence in Libya. Electoral worker was killed on Friday. Rebells or Green resistans firing at a helicopter carrying voting material for the ""elections"" ...the helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing outside the eastern town of Benghazi. It is not yet clear who is responsible.