By John Tiffany (2005)
Foreign Agent 4221: 
The Lockerbie Cover-Up, 
by William C. Chasey. Soft-cover, 372 pages with index.

On board the Maid of the Seas, Pan Am flight 103, were 259 people, cruising at 31,000 feet above sea level when a massive explosion occurred right under the cockpit. A terrorist bomb was credited with causing the plane to break into pieces, then plummet some six miles down to impact on the small Scottish border town of Lockerbie.

Everybody aboard perished, as well as 11 people on the ground. The 1988 bombing was one of the worst terrorist incidents in the West to date.

An investigation initially pointed at Iran and Syria as the countries responsible; then, suddenly, for no explained reason, everything shifted and Libya was being blamed. Few have asked why.

Some of the earliest books and articles about the Lockerbie bombing did not even mention Libya as a suspect country. Not until November 14, 1991 - nearly three years after the bombing - did U.S. and Scottish prosecutors release a 29-page indictment charging two Libyan men, Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, 39, and Abdel Basset Ali Mohammed al-Megrahi, 55, with blasting the plane out of the sky.