Al Gaddafi about: THE PARTY - The party is a contemporary form of dictatorship. It is the modern instrument of dictatorial government. The party is the rule of a part over the whole. As a party is not an individual, it creates a superficial democracy by establishing assemblies, committees, and propaganda through its members. The party is not a democratic instrument because it is composed

*** COMMUNIQUE NUMBER ONE by Muammar Al Gaddafi  (Arabic) English translation read below! 
This Original Radio recording from 1969 is an document of greatest value!
 [This communique was read by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi over Libyan Radio at about 7 AM local time on 1 September 1969;he had drafted it in the radio studio only minutes before.] 
"People of Libya! In response to your own will, fulfilling your most heartfelt wishes, answering your incessant demands for change and regeneration and your longing to strive towards these ends; ..

On Thursday, 18 October 2001, the Leader of the Revolution, Colonel Muammar Al- Ghaddafi gave the following statement to the Libyan News Agency regarding the spread of Anthrax in parts of the United States...

Tripoli JANA in Arabic 0838 GMT 1 Oct 98

Surt, 1 Oct -- The brother leader of the revolution [Colonel Mu'ammar al-Qadhdhafi] has saluted the honorable heroic brother African leaders who have implemented the courageous African [Organization of African Unity, OAU] decision not to abide by the unjust measures imposed on the Great Jamahiriyah.

In a speech delivered at a meeting to mark Loyalty Day [on 30 September], held at the Great Halls complex in the front-line fortress town of Surt to honor Africa, the brother leader of the revolution said that there are two reasons for devoting this year's Loyalty Day to honoring Africa: the first is the historic stance and the courageous
decision made by African leaders in Ouagadougou in favor of the Libyan people, and the second is Libya's discovery of its identity and its roots,
and its decision to assume a leading role in its African continent. In his speech, the brother leader of the revolution said:

Speech delivered by the Leader of the Al-Fateh Revolution, Muammar Al GADDAFI
International Conference for Green-Alternative and Peace Movements
(Sirte, 12-14 June 1992)   ...