Saif Al Islam Gaddafi: Long-term stability in Africa depends on Africans. We cannot expect the rich countries of the world to continue to police Africa indefinitely, and we do not want a future where our regional stability is at the mercy of the foreign policy aspirations of nations from outside of the region
How Might the ARRF be Organized? Establishing the right command and control architecture is the first step towards the achievement of our aim and we have a number of successful models to choose from. However, our particular security environment would suggest that an organization modelled along the following lines would be appropriate:

Saif Al Islam Al Gaddafi is [was] the president and founder of the Gaddafi International Foundation for Charity Associations. He is [was] also a reservist in the Libyan army

It would be pointless in an article such as this to go into detail regarding the long list of African problems. Think of a problem that affects the human condition and you will find it in Africa. Wars of aggression, civil wars, famine, disease, natural disasters, ethnic cleansing, political instability, corruption and much more – we have it all. Africa is the world’s most warridden continent, with thousands of casualties each year through tribal or factional conflicts and arms proliferation adding to the continent’s woes. Last year, it was possible to count eleven major conflicts taking place on the continent with dozens of smaller conflagrations: more than on any other continent. Together these conflicts have produced over eight million refugees. We have a lot of help from the more affluent nations in trying to remedy many of these problems and for much of that we are grateful. 

Assistance from governments and NGOs is extremely valuable and without it who knows how many more would have died. However, this assistance is generally given as a reaction to events and does not provide the long-term fix that Africa really needs. That long-term fix we Africans require is peace and security across the whole of our continent and for all of our people. We have to ensure that peace in Africa becomes the norm and that war and related instability become the unusual. Without peace and security our people will never