Speech delivered by the Leader of the Al-Fateh Revolution, Muammar Al GADDAFI
International Conference for Green-Alternative and Peace Movements
(Sirte, 12-14 June 1992)   ...
I welcome the participants of this conference to our country. I highly appreciate, as well do the Libyan people,
the convening of the International Greens' Conference at this time in our land, especially because it is a time in which they face a new attack in the chain of new colonialism's attacks. This attack is motivated by the imperialistic spirit, which believes in invading the world for its own greeds, without any regard for the independence of peoples and their right to life.
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Imperialism does not give any weight to freedom and human rights. Also, as you are well aware, imperialism is responsible for the destruction of the environment and the spoiling of the Earth. Imperialism is responsible for the horrific damage caused to the ozone layer, which obliged the nations of the world to meet at Rio de Janeiro in a desperate attempt to convince imperialists to live in peace on earth.

The correct path is the one taken by the International Green Movement; it is the path of non-coexistence with the evil forces of injustice and aggression. The right path is to search for an alternative, and I am glad that the term "alternative" was added to the name of the movement. The point we should stop at is the word "alternative", which is the essence of the Green Book. Hence, the Greens' slogan coincides spontaneously with the slogans of the Green Book and the Third Universal Theory. The Green Book says that the world is turning without changing, and we are duty bound to change it.

When the Green Book stated the above, it was not expected then that Communism (or rather Marxism-Leninism) would collapse throughout half of the globe. The prevalent belief at that time was, instead, that the world had begun to change and that this change was to be attributed to Marxism.

However, the Green Book stated that the world was turning, not changing. In other words, Marxism was only one of the turns which occurred in the world. This saying was proven correct after 15 years. Today, we are witnessing a world which has not changed but continues to turn. We hope that the International Green Movement will contribute towards changing the world and creating the alternative.

We would like to draw attention at this important meeting of the International Green Movements to the fear that the Green and Alternative Movements may become a part of the New World Order whose change they seek. I fear that these movements might become a complementary picture of the current world order. I would like to illustrate this by citing one simple example in a given state in the world. For instance, there is a state whose regime is authoritarian and exploitative where opposition emerges against it, but instead of changing the regime, the opposition contributes to it by giving it a democratic character without changing it..

Hence, this opposition helps the authoritarian regime. It gave the regime the appearance of a democracy only, because the opposition became part of the regime. Thus, the opposition gave the regime a prolonged life by coexisting with it and by playing its games. In other words, it is the regime which tamed the opposition and made it one of its components. It is feared that the Green Alternative Movement will become another tool for the continuation of the world order instead of becoming the alternative to this order.
The understanding was that the Green Movement would not join the World Order. Also, it was agreed that the movement refuses the parties, parliaments and the contribution in the present political process because of the failure of this process and its uselessness to citizens everywhere.

But with the passing of time, the Greens became members in parliaments. Thus, the Green Movement turned into a political entity with party structures in some parts of the world, which is exactly what is wanted by the current evil World Order, i.e., to contain and tame the Movement by having it participate in the game.

This should be rejected. When we contacted some of our friends in the Green Movements throughout the world, expressing our dismay at their entry into parties and then parliaments, their reply was:

"By entering parliaments, we wanted to ridicule them."

However, after some time, we did not see any effect from such action. Moreover, the Green members became like the conventional deputies, presenting their opinions, objections and needs, like all the others.

This process is leading to the death of a movement on which we pinned great hopes. I would like to assent, to the best of my knowledge and information, that the present World Order is an illusion and has lost its reason for continuity, for it has lost the progressive character needed to enable it to match the movement of history. Thus, this order is suffering greatly from its inability to advance, and the evidence of its approaching death is very clear. The countries leading the world order have no arguments to convince others, nor do they enter into dialogues, except for the resort to force, which means bankruptcy in terms of ideology and logic. We notice that this order is approaching its end because of its resort to force and to state terrorism in solving their problems. The prevailing language now is that of military option, embargo, blockade and economic sanctions. This is the only dictionary left to the current World Order which has proven its bankruptcy. Now, when I see the world map, it is a joke and a mockery. Should the world continue in this manner, the globe will be turned into a colossal prison. There is an embargo and boycott against Libya, hence, there is an international prison zone in North Africa issued by the World Order which prohibits people from contacting each other by air. The same prison zone was imposed in the Balkans on the peoples of Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Iraq, a major country in Asia, and the Balkans in Europe were also ordered to be kept incommunicado with an air, sea and land embargo against millions of their people.

There are other areas which will be targeted by the World Order for similar treatment. Henceforth, after a while, we will find that the globe will be turned into prison zones in the name of this World Order. As a forerunner of this totalitarian World Order, which began to imprison peoples, some local racists and aggressive forces, like the Israelis, started to follow this system by imprisoning the whole Gaza Strip, banning any air, land or sea contacts as well as cutting off its electricity and telephone lines. Who can protest against this?

The Security Council cannot seriously protest being that it was the mastermind behind the whole idea. It is imprisoning peoples instead of solving their problems. It has become very easy for the Security Council to adopt sanctions or imprison peoples      ]

Even when the Security Council protests, it does it only on blatant and absurd matters and to no effect.This pattern will continue as Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Cuba, Korea and China are all targeted for imprisonment. Many countries in the world are expected to meet equal treatment. This collective imprisonment of peoples is clear evidence of the bankruptcy of the present World Order. But the "New World Order" being referred to by the mighty forces of the World, is not the same as our alternative World Order. The present World Order went bankrupt and had nothing left except force, terrorism and embargo. It is a corrupt force which is speaking and nominating itself for the establisment of a New World Order which will be, by all means, doomed. If there will be any New World Order, it must be created by the forces opposing the current World Order. The present forces of evil can never create a New World Order, because if these evil forces tried to do anything of the kind, they would only be developing their evil methods. And indeed the prison created in Serbia in the Balkans, Libya in North Africa and Iraq in the Gulf, these are, good or bad, the first signs of the New World Order. This is its prelude ... Why? Because the same forces seeking to create the New World Order are the forces from which we are suffering, the evil forces which went bankrupt      ]

I would like to conclude this statement by saying that the nature of the present World Order is very clear to us. What is needed is for the Green Movements of the world to undertake the task of setting up a New World Order, free from the corruption and disease characterized by the present World Order. A big launch, therefore, is needed throughout the world's continents by the Green Movements for an alternative World Order so as to increase their membership, organize their ranks, penetrate every place, carry their slogans - to cover the whole globe. As I have already told you earlier, according to my information and analyses, the present order is bankrupt and unable to resist, of which its constant resort to force, terrorism, threat to use force, sanctions, embargo, and siege, are the evidence.

The Greens should go forward by abandoning all existing parliaments, since they are a dead instrument that fails to represent the voters. All elections in the world are rigged. Only the rich win elections. It is the rich who are ruling the world, polluting the environment and manufacturing and buying weapons. It is the rich who are creating slaves and the poor, for without the rich, there would have been no poor. Wherever there are the rich there are the poor. Wherever there is a slave there is a master, because without comparing, how do we know that a given person is a slave or is poor? The rich are able to afford medical treatment, education, and to live in unpolluted ivory towers. They use technology for their own benefit, but are not interested if the people's earth is polluted. The rich are the leaders of parliament and parties. They are the leaders of the tyrannical forces and political party movements. They have been there during the First and Second World Wars. They have fuelled these wars. They are even now still fuelling world wars everywhere on earth. The present state of war around the globe is the result of an accord between the major countries - for when they ended the confrontation between themselves, they exported their wars to other parts of the world. Everywhere and on every continent, there are wars; daily, people are being killed and injured. This is no coincidence, for it was planned by this World Order itself.

The power centres which are running the world, and are now creating evil, must be ransacked by the masses so that parliaments are ridiculed from within. People should not go to vote or take part in the farcical elections. When someone is nominated for the presidency in any given state in the world, people should not go to vote 'yes' or 'no'. This denial will be the most important expression of their will, for people do not need to say 'no' to someone who does not deserve it.

Ballot boxes should be left empty. Your task as a Green Movement is to instigate voters to keep away from this farce, to leave the ballot boxes empty. No right party nor left party ... No moderate ... No president ... No deputy ... And no ministers. All of these labels are absurd.
I advise you to study thoroughly the Green Book at a time when it has been said that the Green Movement has no theory. Hence, they try to ridicule you for having no theory. But the Green Book represents a historical theory which you should benefit from.

Once again, I thank you for choosing Libya as a place for your conference, which constitutes a support for the Libyan people in its just stance in confronting the forces of evil which are, now, running the world.

WASSALAMU ALAIKOM (peace be upon you)

      Posted 13th June 1992



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