On Thursday, 18 October 2001, the Leader of the Revolution, Colonel Muammar Al- Ghaddafi gave the following statement to the Libyan News Agency regarding the spread of Anthrax in parts of the United States...
“If it is confirmed that Anthrax has spread in America by a deliberate act, which seems almost certain, then the matter is highly serious. In this case, it is useless to over-react, get angry, cover-up, engage in coveting or even take the semblance of patience. All that is futile.

We are facing real terrorism this time. This is the worst form of terrorism, physically and psychologically. This weapon is the most vicious form of mass-destruction. It is not restricted to any peculiar time or place.

The atom bomb, despite its huge destruction, is far more benign in comparison. It is usually dropped in a certain place and a certain time. It effects could be measured by the circles of diffusion. The one who uses the atom bomb is safe once he is out of its effect.

As for Anthrax, its viciousness comes from the fact that its is uncontrollable and can not be monitored. It could affect its own use. I cannot imagine that a human being could use germs against an other human being , no matter the degree of hostility was between them.

It is in fact a cowardly, satanic and irresponsible use. It is highly serious for the whole
The matter requires an international meeting to represent the wisdom and conscience of the world, far from any moral or sentimental considerations, as all this is of no use in such hour.

The international responsibility and reason require that all aircraft and all guns should fall silent, to listen to the voice of reason and to solve the problems of nations, which as a result of their problems produced such rebellious people of this kind .

We have to acquire moral courage, not military courage. This is totally useless. All human hostilities or animosities have to end and disappear in the face of this real danger.
This danger should be terminated at any cost. All military aircraft or cruise missiles must be placed inside museums. The best solution is to address the economic, political and medical bases. It is more viable”.



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