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SIRTE, LIBYA— Continental leaders gathered at the 13th African Union Summit on Friday took a decision to transform the African Union Commission into a new African Union Authority.

Libyan President and host of the summit, Muammar Gaddafi, hailed the landmark decision at the closing of the summit. “Africa will speak through one single voice to take up challenges,” said the leader.
The Angolan top diplomat said that the new authority will comprise a President, assisted by a deputy and 12 other members, among them secretaries, in replacement of the then commissioners. Member States of the African Union (AU) fully keep their national sovereignty.

African observers also welcomed the decision, saying it would strengthen Africa’s unity and continental integration. A new authority is being seen as a positive step towards forging a bigger say in international arena.

However, they warned that the transformation process would need to take time before tangible actions are taken. “The road ahead for the formation of the new authority will not be smooth and there will be more and higher hurdles waiting for the pa -African body,” said an observer.

Also speaking at the close of the summit, South African President Jacob Zuma said the summit had realized a progressive step for building a new Africa. He reiterated the call that all Africans should remain loyal to their commitments to African



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