President Mills praised Libya for the wise use of her oil revenue,and gave the assurance that Government would ensure transparency in the use of the oil revenue for the benefit the people. "There must be transparency in the way we operate the sector. We have to use the resources for the benefit of the people, especially those in the area, develop capacity and the human resources," he said. President Mills reiterated Government's determination to run an open honest and transparent government, and added that "despite the inheritance of challenges, we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel".
He announced that the World Bank had promised a relief, and asked Ghanaians to have confidence and be patient with Government as it strove to rebuild the economy.

President Mills said the leaders agreed to observe the 100th birthday of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's First President. In response to a question on the resignation of Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, former Minister of Youth and Sports, President Mills said it was an unfortunate development, and the former Minister stated in his letter of resignation, "that there has been an error in judgment on his case".

However, President Mills commended Alhaji Muntaka saying "I think this is commendable, after some self examination, he should be able to realize his political ambitions. On the visit of US President Barack Hussein Obama to Ghana on Friday, President Mills said it was obvious the choice of Ghana was as a result of appreciation of Ghana's level of democracy. He said the visit would strengthen the relations between the two countries.

Source: GNA (Ghana News Agency)


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