Muammar Al Gaddafi wrote in his book ISRATiN follow: There is no enmity between Arabs and Jews. In fact, the Jews are Adnanite cousins to the Arabs on the father’s side, who was a descendant of Abraham, peace by upon him. When the Jews were persecuted, their Arab brothers invited them to live alongside them in the town of al-Medina. 
They even gave them the land of Wadi al-Qura, thus named in reference to the Jewish villages [Al. qura]. Following the emergence of Islam under the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, the Jews found the notion of a prophet from outside their number unpalatable so, they showed hostility towards him. 

Some attacks against them took place, just as there were attacks against those from the Quraish, who refused to accept Islam and against Arabs who initially accepted Islam but subsequently rejected it. The Jews, along with the Arabs, were expelled from Andalusia at the end of the 15th century. They all found refuge in the Arab countries. That is why there is a Jewish quarter in every Arab country. There, they lived in peace and friendship with their Arab brothers.

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